Do ceiling fans help circulate heat? [2020]

Just Ceiling Fans Blog Do ceiling fans help circulate heat? [2020]
do ceiling fans help circulate heat


Do ceiling fans help circulate heat? [2020]

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Another good question about ceiling fans is “do ceiling fans help circulate heat?” We are going to answer this question about the use of ceiling fan to circulate heat. Yes, a ceiling fan can help to circulate heat. Before coming to the main question, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

First of all, we will tell how you can turn your ceiling fan into a heat circulation device. Secondly, how the ceiling fan works to keep the room warm in the winter season. Lastly, what are the other benefits that you can get by reversing the direction of your ceiling fan other than heat circulation. So, we advise you to read this article up to end to explore more about your ceiling fan.

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How to reverse ceiling fan direction?

You can use a ceiling fan to circulate heat to enhance the warmth in winter. In order to take advantage of the ceiling fan in winter, you will have to reverse the direction of rotation. The question that arises here is how to reverse ceiling fan direction?

Would you believe that changing the direction of ceiling fan is like a walk in the park. You can alter the rotation within seconds. There are a couple of ways to get this job done. First, use the direction button on the fan and the other one is to utilize the remote that comes with the ceiling fan.

To make you cooler in the summer season, ceiling fan rotates in the counterclockwise direction. In winter, you need to change the direction to enhance the heating of your room. After reversing the rotation, it will move in a clockwise direction.

First of all, switch off the circuit breaker to cut the power off. Please be sure that the electricity of that particular room is turned off before touching the fan. You need a step ladder to reach the fan. Locate the button on the ceiling fan, usually it is placed on the motor head. Push the button in the opposite direction. Congrats, the direction has been reversed.

You can also use the remote which comes with the ceiling fan to reverse the direction. Take the remote, locate the power button on it, press the button to switch off the power and wait until the fan is stopped. After that push the reverse button. Now, turn on the power by pressing the power button and observe the rotation in a clockwise direction.

Will a ceiling fan help circulate heat?

Reversing the direction of your ceiling fan will definitely help to circulate heat in the winter. As you use heating systems in winter, the temperature near the ceiling increases from the ground level in the room. To counter this problem, we use the ceiling fan rotating in the opposite direction.

The ceiling fan moving in clockwise direction draws in air from around the ceiling and pushes the warm air down to the floor level. In this way, ceiling fan increases the temperature near floor level by circulating heat. So, your heating system doesn’t work hard to keep the atmosphere in the room warm.

For regular height ceilings, the ceiling fan must operate at low speed while for high ceilings, the speed of the fan should be medium. Otherwise, it will make you feel cooler.

Advantages of using ceiling fans in the winter

There are a couple of advantages of using ceiling fans in the winter. In winter season, clockwise rotation of the ceiling fan blades keep the room warm by pushing the heat back to the floor level that has risen to the ceiling.

Secondly, the heat generated by the motor of the ceiling fan also helps in increasing the temperature of the room. Lastly, use of ceiling fans in the winter cuts your energy bill of heating 10 to 15 percent because you turn down the thermostat of your heating system a few degrees down.


We have tried our best to make this “do ceiling fans help circulate heat” article great. We hope that you will get all the answers about heat circulation by using ceiling fans in the winter in this article. If you think that we missed something that must be the part of this article then please let us know by commenting below.

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