How to balance a ceiling fan with weights [2020]

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how to balance a ceiling fan with weights


How to balance a ceiling fan with weights [2020]

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Today, we are going to talk about how to balance a ceiling fan with weights because a wobbly ceiling fan is something that gives you a headache. What could be better than to fix a wobbly ceiling fan rather than buying a new one. With proper instructions and guidance, balancing a ceiling fan is like a walk in the park. So read this article up to end to find how to balance a ceiling fan with weights.

Materials and Tools

  • Step Ladder
  • Blade Balancing Kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Bandanna
  • Old Pillow Case
  • Old Sheet
  • Yardstick

How to clean a Ceiling fan?

The first step in balancing a ceiling fan with weights is to clean the ceiling fan. In this section, we are going to tell you how to clean your dirty fan. We use pillow case, step ladder, and old sheet. Lay the old sheet on the floor to collect the falling dust. We also use the bandanna to cover the mouth and nose to avoid breathing in the dust.

We use the pillow case to slide it onto the top of the fan blade, apply some pressure and pull it back. This catches all the dirt and dust inside the pillow case. Repeat this process with each fan blade of the ceiling fan. Rub this pillow case against the surface of motor head, canopies, and down rod of the ceiling fan to remove dust and dirt. Now our fan is clean. Be sure to take that sheet and old pillow case to shake the mop before throwing it to the wash.

Tightening the Loose Screws

The next thing that we are going to do is to inspect all the screws on the ceiling fan. Whether they are on the motor head of the fan or on the blades. Because loosen screws could be the culprit behind the wobbling of the Ceiling fan. We will inspect carefully all the visible screws on the ceiling fan, if we find any loosen screw then we will tighten it up.

Aligning the Blades of the Ceiling Fan

First of all, we are going to mark each blade at 3 points with the help of yardstick. The points that are ideal to select for markings are tip, center, and the blade holder. Secondly, we will use a yardstick to measure the distance of each blade at the marking point from the ceiling.

If there is any irregularity between the results then we will try to fix that faulty fan blade manually by applying pressure. We will not apply much pressure because pressure could break the fan blade. Now we will turn our ceiling fan on to check any wobbling.

How to balance a ceiling fan with weights

After trying the previous methods that we talked about in this article, if your ceiling fan still wobbles then we are going to tell you about how to balance a ceiling fan with weights. We hope that it will resolve the problem of your ceiling fan wobbling.

First of all, we will identify the speed that causes the ceiling fan to wobble the most. This is typically the highest fan speed. So, we will use the same speed when we will test the weights. Secondly, we will turn off the ceiling fan and put the balancing clip on the rear edge of the blade between the tip and the blade holder.

Now it’s time to check the wobbling that whether it is improved or worsened by using balancing clip onto one of the fan blades of the ceiling fan. If we don’t see any improvement then we will again turn the fan off to place the clip onto the next fan blade in the similar fashion.

Again, turn on the ceiling fan to pick the blade that is causing wobbling. If fan continue to misbehave then we will repeat the same method for all the blades until we find the one that is unbalanced.

With the balancing clip on the problematic blade, the ceiling fan will wobble the least. Now, we will have to find the exact location of where to place the weight to balance a ceiling fan by moving the balancing clip up or down the blade. Where the wobbling will be the least, that would be the exact point.

Now we will place a balancing weight on the center of the blade in line with the balancing clip. We will have to press the weight to make sure that it is attached properly. Now, we will remove the plastic balancing clip. Now, It’s time to check the fan on highest speed to confirm that it is balanced with weights.


We tried our best to compile a step by step guide about “ how to balance a ceiling fan with weights” and hope that it will help you to fix your wobbly ceiling fan. If you don’t have weights to balance your ceiling fan then you can balance ceiling fan with pennies. Your suggestions about this article are always welcomed.

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