How to paint ceiling fan blades [2020]

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how to paint ceiling fan blades


How to paint ceiling fan blades [2020]

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The first question that arises here is “can you paint ceiling fan blades.” The answer to this question is Yes, the ceiling fan blades can be painted. The next question is “How?” This entire article is about “how to paint ceiling fan blades”. Today, we are going to tell how to paint ceiling fan blades. So read this article up to end and paint the blades of your ceiling fan by yourself.

Tools and Materials

  • Enamel Spray Paint: Enamel spray paint to paint the blades of your ceiling fan.
  • Primer: The primer coating before painting provides better adhesion to the paint.
  • 120 Grit Sandpaper: You will use it to prepare the surface for paint.
  • Pillowcase: You are going to use it to remove the first layer of dirt and dust.
  • Cleaning Cloth: It will help in removing thick stains from surface.
  • Old Sheet: Old sheet protects from the falling dust during cleaning.
  • Screwdriver: A Phillips head screwdriver will be needed for removing and mounting the ceiling fan blades.
  • Step Ladder: It helps you to reach ceiling fan.
  • Old Newspaper: Old newspaper saves the surface from paint where the blades are placed for painting.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray: For removing the tough and thick stains from the ceiling fan blades.
  • Gloves: Gloves will save your hands from direct contact with the paint.

Clean ceiling fan with pillow case

The first step of “how to paint ceiling fan blades” is to clean ceiling fan with pillow case. Cleaning first layer of dust on the fan with pillow case saves from the dust to fall. Spread an old sheet on to the floor right beneath the ceiling fan to catch the falling dust. You have to climb the ladder to clean the fan before removing its blades.

After climbing up the ladder, take the pillow case, open it and put it on the fan blade to cover it from all sides. Rub the front, back, edges, and brackets of the blades by moving the pillow case in backward direction. Rub each fan blade two to three times to remove the dust properly. You will see that by doing this, the dust has been wiped off but stains are still there. Don’t worry, you are going to remove the stains in the next step.

Remove ceiling fan blades

The next thing that you are going to do is to remove ceiling fan blades. First, you will remove stains from them and after that you will paint the color of your choice. To paint ceiling fan blades, you have to remove them with the help of Phillips head screwdriver. Use ladder to reach the blades for unscrewing them.

Usually, the screws are located on the back of ceiling fan blades. Put your Phillips head screwdriver on the screw and untwist it. Hold the fan blade while unscrewing it because if you don’t hold it while removing the screws then the blade might fall on the ground because of the gravitational force. Remove all the blades one by one.

Clean greasy ceiling fan blades to remove stains

To remove thick and tough stains from the blades, use cleaning sprays and cleaning cloth. Spray the surface of the blade with cleaning solution and then rub the surface with cleaning cloth to remove the stains. You can repeat this process of spraying and rubbing if don’t get the required results for the first time.

Clean front side, back side, edges, blade bracket, and even screws that hold the fan onto the bracket. After cleaning, wipe the blades with a dry clean cloth or paper towel. It is better to let them for some time for air dry because wet blades or blades having some moisture content will not give the desired results of painting.

Sand the blades and paint primer

After making sure that the blades are clean. Now, the next thing that you will have to do is to prepare the surface for the paint. First of all, unscrew the screws that hold the blade and bracket together. Separate all the fan blades from their brackets. Clean them if they need any cleaning.

Use 120 grit sandpaper to sand the blades. Sanding the blades will not only remove any leftover dust, or old flaky paint, but also provides smooth surface for added adhesion of the paint. Pay extra attention to the uneven surfaces, edges, and corners while sanding the blades. Wipe the blades with cleaning cloth.

Put on gloves, it will save your hands from primer and paint. Cover that part of the floor or table with newspaper where you are going to paint the blades. Newspaper prevents direct contact of the floor or table surface with the spray paint. Shake the primer bottle well and check the nozzle by spraying on the newspaper.

Lay ceiling fan blades on the newspaper and spray them with paint primer. Be sure that all area is covered with white colored primer. Give the blades sometime for air dry. We use primer before paint because it not only increases the adhesion, but also the durability of the paint.

How to spray paint ceiling fan blades

Now, it’s time to paint the ceiling fan blades with the color of your choice. First of all, shake the spray paint bottle well before using it. Test the nozzle in the similar fashion as you have tested the primer bottle. Put the blades on the newspaper to avoid any direct contact of the paint with the floor.

Keep the spray bottle at a distance of 6 to 8 inches from the surface of the ceiling fan blades. It is better for you to move the spray bottle in a side to side motion to get a smooth coat of the paint. Let the blades air dry. After drying, give them a second coat of paint in the same way as you did for the first one.

Give the blades sometime for drying. After that, inspect each blade carefully to figure out if any part of the blade needs a third coat. If they need more paint then give them. Now, take the screws and holding brackets and paint them. Give them at least two coats of color. Let the screws and brackets dry. Inspect them for any touch up.

Take the Phillips head screwdriver and painted screws. Put the bracket on to the ceiling fan blade and tighten the screws to fasten them together. Climb the step ladder and install the painted ceiling fan blades to your ceiling fan with the help of the screwdriver. Switch on the power to turn on the ceiling fan with new painted blades.


That’s all we have from the “how to paint ceiling fan blades” article. We tried hard to compile this step by step guide about painting ceiling fan blades and hope that it will help you. If you think that we missed something then please let us know, so that we could add that in our article.

Written by Sarah

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